How to lose weight by drinking celery juice?

How to lose weight by drinking celery juice?

Have you thought about losing weight in a natural, easy and harmless way? One of the concerns of people these days is to have an ideal and fit body. Slimming diets include calorie counting diet, fruit eating diet and Atkins diet. But one of the best slimming methods that has the least side effects and problems for you is natural methods. Slimming with celery juice is one of these cases, which in this article, we will comprehensively examine slimming with this plant with many properties; be with us.

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Benefits of celery and celery juice

Celery is hot and dry and is generally considered a low-calorie plant. Celery juice is also a fiber-rich beverage that contributes a lot to health and weight loss. Celery has 15 calories per 100 grams, which is a low calorie; Celery juice is also very low in calories; There are only 40 calories in a glass of celery juice.

Celery juice is rich in vitamin K; This vitamin does not help to lose weight, but it has a great effect on health. Also, the presence of large amounts of magnesium in celery causes fat burning, strengthens nerves and reduces high blood pressure. Daily consumption of celery or celery juice helps increase metabolism and metabolism is at its best. Increased metabolism means your body burns more calories. As metabolism increases, fat stores in the body are depleted and weight loss occurs. Celery and celery juice contain substances that affect the body’s metabolism and make its process easier.

Raw celery also contains large amounts of calcium. The calcium in celery stimulates the body’s hormonal system. Thyroxine hormones, which break down and consume fat stored in the cell, are also increased by the consumption of celery in the body.

Celery leaves contain more micronutrients than its stems. It is interesting to know that the darker the color of the leaves, the more vitamins A and B it contains. Celery stalks are rich in fiber that is almost unabsorbable; This helps with weight loss.

How to lose weight by drinking celery juice?

How to lose weight by drinking celery juice?

Slimming with celery juice

Weight loss will be much greater for those who consume an average stalk of celery at least once a day than for those who do not. Consumption of celery also reduces the desire for food and sweets.

Each cup of celery juice contains approximately 30 to 40 calories. Although this drink is low in calories, but it is very energetic and helps a lot to a healthy diet. It is important to know that the reason for the low calorie content of this drink is the high amount of water; Approximately 95% of celery is water.
It is interesting to know that celery juice is a diuretic; Being a diuretic means that this substance causes the body to drain water better and faster. Being a diuretic also increases metabolism and consumption of fat mass in the body. Therefore, daily consumption of a glass of celery juice activates your intestines and prevents constipation. The same thing helps with weight loss; Activation of the intestines causes waste products to be removed from your body.

It is recommended to replace celery juice with fattening juices. By consuming celery juice, you get the vitamins and minerals you need and also help you lose weight.

Does celery juice really make you thin?

It is good to know that in the medical world, no substance that causes weight loss has been discovered! But about celery juice! In general, consumption of vegetable juices such as celery juice due to its abundant water and high fiber reduces appetite and reduces fat absorption and excretion of some water. This is why people think they have lost weight.

Vegetable juices contain a variety of flavonoids and antioxidants that are very good for the body. But it does not burn fat unless it is in a negative energy balance. That is, if the energy received from a food is less than the amount that the body burns to digest it, then the body uses its stored fat sources and burns fats.


The best time to drink celery juice a day

Drinking celery juice helps reduce appetite for junk and high-calorie foods. Due to this effect, it is recommended that celery juice be consumed before the main meal to have the best effect.


Side effects of celery juice

Do not consume too much celery juice. Celery contains a substance called oxalate, which is very harmful for those who have kidney or bladder stones. Oxalate causes the stones to become larger. Celery juice is also not recommended for those with breast and ovarian cysts.

It is important to know that the high presence of oxalate in the body causes the elimination of divalent elements such as zinc, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium and ؛; These elements are very important and important for the body.

According to food experts, the permissible daily consumption of celery is 100 to 150 grams.


How to prepare celery juice at home

First, clean the celery and make sure all the grooves on it are clean. Be careful not to remove the celery leaves as they are rich in vitamins A and B. Chop the celery into small pieces and then pour it into a juicer and squeeze the juice.

To make it more palatable, add a little fresh lemon juice, carrot juice or other natural juices.


The last word

In this article, slimming with celery juice was discussed. Finally, it should be noted that the inclusion of celery and celery juice in the diet helps a lot to lose weight and health of your body. If you are interested in consuming this rich substance, we invite you to see the article “Unique properties of celery juice for health and fitness” in Star. Also, please share your comments and suggestions with us in the comments section.


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