Huawei brand value growth in global rankings

Huawei brand value growth in global rankings

Creating value for the customer and constantly creating innovation is the task and desire of Huawei. The choice of this goal and the effort to achieve it, has had a great impact on the position of this brand among its global competitors. In the latest report of the 100 most popular and reputable brands in the world by WPP and kantar, Huawei has been ranked 45th, which shows a two-step growth compared to last year.

The financial valuation of brands is also estimated at $ 29.4 billion for Huawei, up 9 percent from last year. 2020 marks the fifth consecutive year of Huawei’s presence in the top 50 brands in the world, which shows the success of the company’s long-term plans and goals to become one of the leading companies in the world of technology.

According to the report, the value of all the top brands on this list has increased by 5.9% compared to last year. Technology companies have the largest share of companies on this list for 15 consecutive years, accounting for about 37% of all companies. The growth of Chinese companies has also been very good, so that currently 17 Chinese companies are on this list of 100. Of these 17 companies, 5 are among the 20 companies with the highest growth rates, which were examined in a separate study.

Investigate the causes of success

Based on its strategy for the past year, Huawei has focused on expanding and expanding its products in the Chinese domestic market as well as in international markets. That is why different products were introduced last year. At an event in February, Huawei’s new product line was introduced, including the fifth-generation Folding Huawei Mate Xs, the Huawei MatePad Pro 5G tablet, and the App Gallery proprietary software platform. The event also unveiled Huawei’s all-encompassing intelligent life capability, in which artificial intelligence will help humans do many things. At the next event, Huawei unveiled its new P-Series handset, which offers a new definition of quality in smartphone photography.

Part of this research is based on findings from IDC quarterly reports. The institute examines all mobile devices in the world with the help of tracking technology and makes its data available to the public. According to the center, 17.8% of the world’s handsets are currently made by Huawei, which establishes Huawei as the second largest smartphone maker in the world. In the area of ​​wearable gadgets, Huawei also experienced a growth of 62.2% compared to last year. In the tablet sector, 12% of the global market is held by Huawei, which makes it the third top brand in this field. In the laptop segment, Huawei also had an excellent 120% growth in sales. Apart from all this, Huawei has traditionally been one of the top 5 manufacturers of telecommunication and Wi-Fi equipment in the world.



Huawei is the sixth most innovative company in the world, according to another annual study by the Boston BCG Consulting Institute to identify the world’s most innovative companies. According to the company’s research, in the period from August to October 2019, the company has reached this position with 42 steps. Influential elements in this research include the degree of influence in the global dimension, reviews published by experts and the value of each brand.

The latest area of ​​innovation that Huawei has entered is software development, with Huawei designing and implementing the Shining Star project to invest $ 1 billion in this area to produce excellent and innovative software.


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