Isfahan tourist attractions

Isfahan tourist attractions

Naghsh Jahan Square, the most famous tourist attraction of Isfahan
Naghsh Jahan or Imam Square, which was the center of field games such as polo and horse riding during the Safavid period, has many buildings that are very spectacular, regardless of the beauty of the square itself. The unique architecture of Aali Qapo Mansion, Imam Mosque, the very beautiful Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque and the entrance of Qaisaria Bazaar are located in this square. Naghsh Jahan Square and Imam Mosque are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

What is the oldest mosque in Isfahan?

The oldest mosque and historical monument in Isfahan is the Isfahan Grand Mosque, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The building of this mosque was built during the Seljuk period, but traces of the third century have also been seen in it.

Esfahan stairs

When a beautiful river like Zayandehrood flows in the middle of the city, naturally many beautiful bridges are built on it. Among these bridges, we can mention Khajoo bridge, 33 bridges, Shahrestan bridge, which is the oldest bridge on Zayandehrood, wooden bridge and Bozorgmehr newly built bridge, each of which is beautiful in its turn.

Vank Church is one of the oldest churches in Iran
Vank Church is an old church with a simple architecture but the paintings inside the church are very special and unique. Inside the church there is a museum that introduces you to the history of the Armenian Genocide in Turkey.

Why is the name of this palace Chehelston?

The answer is simple! The twenty pillars of the palace double in front of it, which acts as a mirror. There is not much to say about the beauties of this palace in the Safavid era. The frescoes inside the palace and its beautiful architecture along with the porch overlooking the pool, will fascinate you completely.

Isfahan Bird Garden

This is one of the most attractive places for people who are interested in birds, especially children. There are more than 130 species of birds living in the bird garden and you can see parrots, peacocks, terns, eagles and many more here.

Is the minaret more strange or the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy?

It may seem that this historical attraction of Isfahan is equal to the Leaning Tower of Pisa, but this is not the case. The minaret is much more attractive and strange because the Leaning Tower of Pisa just tilts and goes up, but the minaret really moves and shakes. This tourist attraction is very special and unique in the world, and there are tombs like the tomb of Uncle Abdullah Karladani.

Museum of Natural History

This museum is a great place to raise your awareness and knowledge, especially of your children, about the world of creation. By visiting this museum, you can learn new things in a general leisure trip, as if you were going to a classroom and increase your general knowledge.

The palace of the eight heavens has the atmosphere of heaven

As the name of this palace is Eight Heavens, it also has the atmosphere of paradise. This palace belongs to the Safavid era and has two floors and in its time was one of the most beautiful palaces in Isfahan. This palace is located on Chaharbagh Abbasi Street, inside a beautiful green space that once formed the garden around the palace.

Does the house have jewelry, jewelry and ornaments?

Yes. There are art and handicraft workshops in this place where artists make all kinds of beautiful handicrafts, including jewelry. These workshops have been set up by the Cultural Heritage Organization and have made it a great place to watch the making of these items and to buy them.

Gort and Mardavij pigeon towers

The two pigeon towers of Gort and Mardavij are among the sights of Isfahan in the villages of Gort and Mardavij. These pigeon towers or pigeon houses have an interesting structure that consists of different cylinders to house the birds. If you have the opportunity to leave Isfahan and tour around the city, we suggest you visit them.Visit Isfahan Aquarium

If you still like to visit different animals in Isfahan, visit the aquarium of this city, which is located in Nazhvan Forest Park. This aquarium, where you enter a crescent-shaped corridor and fish swim over and around you, is spectacular.

Is it possible to use the old baths of Isfahan?

Yes. You can take a bath in Ghazi Bath, Iran’s first renovated historic bath. This bath, which has a bath, a greenhouse, a treasury and a pool, in which, according to the tradition of the old baths, a crank and a bag can be used and you can feel yourself in the past. Another of the old baths of Isfahan is the bath of Ali Qoli Agha, which is not possible to bathe here, but since it was built by the Safavid kings, it is very spectacular and beautiful.

Verton hot spring

If you are still in the bathing mood, head to the Verton hot spring in Verton Village. Named Verton Hot Springs Tourism Complex, it is located 35 km from Isfahan and is a great place to relax and dive into the mineral waters of this spring.

How many historical mosques does Isfahan have?

The answer to this question is not so easy, and if you also think that in Isfahan the mosques of Imam and Sheikh Lotfallah and Jame are the first to speak, you are wrong. Isfahan has many historical mosques, including:

Hakim Mosque (Georgia), Seyed Mosque, Aliqoli Agha Mosque, Khalvatunshin Mosque (Glass), Elchi Mosque, Agha Noor Mosque, Ashtarjan Mosque (Ashtargan), Sarv Shafadaran Mosque, Haji Garden Mosque, Aziran Mosque, Hasnabad Gate Mosque, Aghasi Mosque, Ali Mosque and Seljuk Minaret, Agha Mohammad Baqer Chahar Sooghi Mosque, Agha Mirza Mohammad Hashem Mosque, Babasokhteh Mosque, Egyptian Mosque, Haj Mohammad Jafar Abadeh Mosque, Fatah Mosque, Qutbiyeh Mosque, Haj Manouchehr Mosque, Haj Mohammad Omid Mosque, Haj Seyed Javad Mosque , Haj Younes Mosque, Kermani Mosque (Rezvan), Sheikh Ali Khan Mosque, Haj Mirza Mohammad Sadegh Mosque, Haj Mohammad Mehdi Mosque, Kaj Grand Mosque, Khozan Mosque, Khayathaha Mosque, Loban Mosque, Maghsoud Beyk Mosque, Mosalla Mosque, Noor Neighborhood Mosque , Zulfiqar Mosque, Salt Mosque, Red Mosque (Sofrehchi), Rokan Al-Molk Mosque, New Mosque, Safa Mosque, Saeed Ibn Jubayr Mosque, Varkan Mosque, Shahrestan Mosque, Shirahpezha Mosque, Rahim Khan (Seyed Mohammad Hassan Modarres) Mosque, Soleiman Beyk Mosque, Shoaia Mosque And Imamzadeh Ismail.


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