March 24, 2023
Men should read: 15 secrets that women want you to know

Men should read: 15 secrets that women want you to know

What factors do you think make you attractive to women? Does it mean that having a tall body or a beautiful face is enough to attract women’s attention? Experience has shown that physical attraction and romantic charm depend on a person’s personality and not just appearance. In this article, we will review 15 women’s secrets that if you know them and act according to them, you will soon see your husband’s eyes sparkle. be with us.

1. Be attentive and caring

Men who pay attention and care are more attractive to women, especially when they are upset and upset. Wrap your arms around your spouse, wipe his or her tears with a handkerchief, and show that his or her discomfort is extremely important to you. Care and attention in communicating with women works wonders.

2. Be gentlemanly

Women soon fall in love with the behavior of so-called “gentlemen”. Somewhere in the depths of their being, they want their man to behave in a traditional and classic way, especially in the beginning of a relationship where love and affection are formed. You can pull out a chair for him to sit on, open the door and wait for him to enter first, and thousands of other exercises that will make you a real gentleman.

3. Be well-dressed

Different fashions come and go, but men’s attention to the way they dress and dress should be constant. Women have been paying attention to this issue since the honeymoon period. Make a tip that your spouse will enjoy seeing. If men do not like tight jeans or do not like to wear long and loose T-shirts, get rid of these thoughts. If you like formal outfits, wear her favorite suit.

4. Wear red

Women themselves have never confessed, but a study of women’s subconscious preferences by psychologists has shown that red makes men more powerful, attractive, and desirable to women. Of course, wearing red makes men look less kind. It is your decision; Do you want to be attractive or kind to women?

5. Do not hide your flaws

Nothing captures the hearts of women as well as a good man trying to fix his flaws. The concept of “growth” is especially important for women, so it is extremely attractive to them to see a man who knows his flaws, such as knowing that he gets angry quickly and tries to fix them.

6. Just do not shake your head

Listening and listening are different. Women like to feel that you hear what they have to say. Instead of tearing up the subject with annoying shaking of your head, use pauses in the middle of his sentences for empathy and compassionate response. Suppose, if he is angry with his boss at work, say, “You had a very hard day, I’m really sorry,” and resist as much as you can to offer a solution.

7. Listen, not preach

When something is bothering women and they are under pressure, they expect you to listen to them, without advice, without advice and without trying to change the situation! Men inherently need to solve problems because they have a solution-oriented mind. While women sometimes only want 2 ears to talk to them and empty themselves. Sometimes silence and listening deepen the relationship.

8. Do not move the relationship too fast

Usually men like to have a relationship very quickly, while women enjoy going through the relationship more. Even if your goal is to eventually marry this woman, give her a chance to build a relationship and mutual understanding and develop an interest. Be patient and give the relationship time instead of making hasty decisions.

9. Accept your spouse’s request for safe sex

As long as your spouse is reluctant to have children and explicitly states this, respect his or her decision and show how important this request is to you. Pursue healthier and more protected sex yourself and provide for it.

10. Be clear about your expectations of the relationship

Feminine shame and the taboo of sex usually make women talk less about their own expectations and your expectations of adventures in the bedroom. You go ahead and say what expectations you have that are not met or things that are not enjoyable for you. Be careful of the words you choose and your tone so that you do not feel bad about your spouse. You can start like this “I really like that…”

11. Use perfume

Ladies love to wear their favorite man’s shirt or to hug and smell it. Researchers claim that men’s body perfume acts as a sedative for women.

12. Look into his eyes

Men usually prefer to sit at a table, in a restaurant or in different places next to each other and feel more comfortable this way, but you should know that women are eager to make eye contact and it helps to see the relationship deeper.

13. You can praise him as much as you can

One of the things that makes women happy is praise. Of course, a definition that they did not ask for! If you want to get a woman’s attention, tell her how much more beautiful she looks every time she puts on a new outfit, changes her makeup style, or tries on a new hairstyle. Say the words so that they sit in your heart.

14. Talk about your relationship with him

When a woman wants to talk about her relationship with you, it does not mean that you have done something wrong. Women like to talk from time to time about the quality of the relationship, what is right or wrong, or where the relationship is going. Do not run away from this conversation; This simple conversation will bring the two of you closer together after a few minutes.

15. Love is simple, do not complicate it

Even if you have lived together for a lifetime, your romantic behaviors and gestures are forever appealing to your spouse. A bouquet of flowers, an intimate dinner, a few lines of love poetry, no matter how cliché they may seem, evoke a sense of gratitude in women.

last word

Women perceive love and attractiveness differently from men. Women are often attracted to traits in men that men themselves are unaware of. Although many of them have to do with women’s tastes, there are certain criteria that are known as women’s secrets and men should know. In this article, we have mentioned 15 of the most common ones. If you, dear ones, know more, we look forward to hearing your valuable feedback.



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