What is a Metavars token?

Metavars and Metavars tokens

Metavars is a virtual world based on China Blockchain technology. This ubiquitous space allows users to work and play in a virtual reflection of real and fantasy scenarios, an online reality, from science fiction to more familiar settings such as shopping malls, offices and even homes. They can also access the Metavars via a computer, handheld device or VR headset. Metavars tokens are also a currency used by people within Metavars. Users can create, buy and sell goods as well as token funds.

Facebook investment in Metavars

The big tech giants have begun to recognize the capabilities and potential of metamorphoses following the announcement of the Meta brand change on Facebook. In addition to technology companies, entertainment brands such as Disney have announced plans to leap into virtual reality.

Interest in Metavars peaked on October 28 after Facebook changed its name to Meta. According to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, the brand change was implemented in such a way that Facebook was “seen as a meta-company.” According to Anupam Chander, the move to rename Facebook is “about owning the operating system of the future.” So it is no surprise that the company has already invested more than $ 50 million in multi-global projects.

Is it reasonable to invest in meta-tokens?

In a recent interview, Haim Israel, CEO and World Bank strategist at the Bank of America, described the Metavars as a tool that, if given special circumstances, would lead the digital currency industry to mass acceptance: “I definitely believe that this is a The opportunity is huge and huge. “You need the right platforms, which will definitely be a great opportunity for this whole ecosystem.” Israel also predicted that Metavars would be where “we will start using digital currencies as a currency.”

Where and how can I buy Metavars tokens?
Metavars tokens are set to be the next major milestone in the field of digital assets. There is a simple and defined process for buying Metavars tokens, like buying other digital currencies. To buy Metavars tokens (buy Axi, Mana or other popular Metavars currencies), you can go to an Iranian digital currency exchange and easily buy them.


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