What is the use of fingerprints in social life?

What is the use of fingerprints in social life?

As you know, no two human beings have the same fingerprints, even identical twins. Every human fingerprint is completely fixed and unchangeable shortly after birth.


What is a fingerprint?

Fingerprints are tiny bumps on the epidermal layer of the skin of the palms and soles of the feet that can be seen with the naked eye. These fingerprints, due to the secretion of fat under the skin, are placed on smooth objects and opaque surfaces and remain. You can also use a powder that absorbs these fats and makes them visible clearly for fingerprint clarity.

Each person’s fingerprint is unique and does not change over a lifetime, so it can be used as a signature or identification tool.

What is the use of fingerprints in social life?
Almost all applications of fingerprints in social life go back to the unique identification of each person.

1. Mobile and computer security with fingerprint

One of the most common uses of fingerprints today is to unlock advanced cell phones, which will make our cell phones more secure. Thanks to advances in technology, these mobile phones use a scanner to detect their owners’ registered fingerprints.

This feature is also present in some computers and laptops today. Some USB drives and flash drives also use fingerprint scanning to minimize the possibility of profiting from the information stored on them.

2. Help the law to identify offenders and victims

The most important social use of fingerprints is to assist police and law enforcement in identifying offenders and the dead. Identifying people who for any reason intend to hide their identity is possible by registering a fingerprint. In legal cases, as well as in criminal cases, the identification and examination of fingerprints left by individuals illuminates the dark spots of cases and even helps to identify the culprit in other cases that were unknown.

3. Hiring and attending companies with fingerprints

Investigating bad backgrounds and speeding up the hiring process in companies, through the fingerprints of individuals, has made work easier for employers. Also, the presence and absence of company personnel with fingerprint scanners has made this very easy.

4. Control of the process of long stays in other countries by the immigration office of the host country

According to immigration law, if a foreign national intends to stay in the host country for a long period of time, they are required to fingerprint and record personal information in a computer system, so that the citizen can be easily identified.

5. Identification at the airport with fingerprints

At many airports, it is now possible for people who travel frequently to travel internationally to enter a special area with their fingerprints or iris instead of standing in long queues and waiting for passport control. Be scanned and identified more quickly. Also, in some cases, to prevent the entry and exit of passengers with fake identities, it is possible to use fingerprint scanners.


Other uses for fingerprints in social life include:

Use in the banking system and increase the security of banking information
Protect classified information of patients and blood transfusions in hospitals and blood banks
Secure entry for residential buildings, stadiums, and other locations with fingerprint scanners


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