March 24, 2023
2022 World Cup and preparation of grass in the scorching temperature of Qatar

2022 World Cup and preparation of grass in the scorching temperature of Qatar

Qatar will soon host the 2022 World Cup in the hot winter weather.

According to Asra Iran, quoted by Reuters, the heat of Qatar has become a problem for the organizers of the World Cup games, and one of their concerns is the production of quality grass on the playground in a desert country in the Persian Gulf.

The temperature of Qatar, like many countries in the Persian Gulf, can reach more than 40 degrees Celsius in the fall. Therefore, creating winter space and temperature is the only way that experts have used in the last 14 years to produce quality grass and increase the variety of football fields.

An elite group of football field officials have created and owned 144 football fields in an area north of Doha Chaman. 8 stadium lawns and 136 plots of land for training.

The quality grass production team for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar has been circulating cold, cool air through special nozzles on the grass since early autumn, trying to protect these pristine green fields from the dust and dust of the Qatari desert.

“It is very challenging to produce quality grass for an event like the World Cup, but it is much more difficult in a country like Qatar,” said Haitham al-Sharif, a Sudanese civil engineer who has worked on Qatari football since 2007.
Preparing the grass for the first World Cup in the Middle East is environmentally expensive.

Al-Sharif said Qatar imports 140 tonnes of grass seeds a year from the United States. These seeds are transported by special aircraft with the ability to control temperature conditions. Grasslands are irrigated with desalinated seawater. Water desalination plants also need fuel.

“Every football field needs 10,000 liters of water from desalination plants in winter and 50,000 liters in summer,” he said.
He added: “If the seeds are planted earlier, they will germinate and grow too much.” Winter grasses will not grow well enough and will die as a result of extreme heat.

Qatar says it has grass ready for any emergency.

They have about 425,000 square meters of grass storage in the northern Doha region, which is roughly equivalent to 40 football fields.
“This product is harvested and transported by truck to the new stadiums,” said Mohammad al-Atwan, an observer member at Stadium 947. This grass is transferred to the main field of play in less than 8 hours and does not cause any problems for the players.


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