Frisbee and the right way to play with it

Frisbee and the right way to play with it

Frisbee is a fun sport that is mostly practiced by students and colleges in universities and schools. Frisbee can be easily learned and done outdoors. Join us to learn how to do it in this post.

The game of Ultimate, called Frisbee, is a competitive sport that is more popular among students. Ultimate Frisbee is played with seven players. The object of the game is to earn points by receiving Frisbee in the far end of the field. The sport was not an Olympic sport until 1967, but as the number of enthusiasts increased over the years, it officially became part of the Olympic Games.

You do not need to have a special technique to do this sport, and this is one of the reasons for its increasing popularity among students. This is a sport that you can easily learn. The basic principle in learning this sport is to throw and take a circular plate.

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Types of throwing

In this sport, there are three throwing models. Front and rear throwing are considered as basic throwing methods. Overhead throwing is the third type of throwing, also known as hammer throwing, which is a more advanced throw.

To throw from the front, you need to get the Frisbee right from the edges. The thumb should be on the frisbee and the other fingers below it. (Of course, the index and middle fingers are slightly ahead of the other two fingers) To throw, move the plate away from the body and tilt the wrist slightly into the body, and then use the full body force, release the plate. If you do this correctly, the screen will hit the target without shaking.

To throw from behind, place your thumb on the frisbee and the other four fingers under it. The body should be at a 45 degree angle. Frisbee should be parallel to the ground and throw with the help of the forearm. Your arm should also follow the path of the plate so that the direction of the frisbee plate does not change.
Before performing a hammer throw, it is better to master the previous two throws. Since it is difficult to control the path of a hammer throw, this throw should be done in a place where there is enough space. How to take the screen is like throwing from the front, except that the screen is perpendicular to the ground. Hold the Frisbee plate over your head at a slight angle. To throw the plate, guide the wrist slightly down and the arm follows the throwing path.


We have two types of receptions in Frisbee: receiving pancakes and receiving with both hands. Both methods are similar and use two hands, but have different methods.

Getting pancakes is the easiest and safest way to get a Frisbee. The palms of both hands are facing each other and trying to guess the direction of Frisbee. When they recognize the path, try to hold the Frisbee between the two hands with the help of both hands. This movement is like touching, but with the difference that it is formed vertically.

Two-handed reception seems a bit more complicated. You extend your arms and predict the direction of the screen. To receive, place the thumb below the screen and the other fingers at the top of the screen.


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