March 24, 2023

Handicrafts options in interior design

Over the years, with the formation of civilization, human learned how to make useful tools for a better life with their bare hands. By progressing in this ability, they were able to add more beauty to these handicrafts in addition to being practical. As a result, Persian handwoven carpets, decorative handicrafts, and unique accessories became souvenirs and unique products of this ancient country, along with the delicious food and snacks specific to the climate of this region.

On the other hand, in the last few decades, the global Internet network has expanded worldwide. It has affected various aspects of people’s lives. In this era, various elements of our daily lives depend on the Internet. Life without the Internet and smartphones is unimaginable for many of us. One of the aspects of our life that have been greatly affected by the global information network is the economy. The various features of this field, such as the purchase and selling of products, have undergone tremendous changes.

The popularity of buying handicrafts from online stores

The technology of the communication era has provided new opportunities for people and manufacturers worldwide. In particular, reliable online stores allow enthusiasts to order and receive their desired goods even from the farthest parts of the world by visiting online stores.

One of the best products to sell in international online stores is handicraft products, which have many fans worldwide. Iran is one of the countries with skilled artists and a high capacity for supplying handicrafts which its handicraft products have a wide variety and top quality. As a country with thousands of years of history, Iranian handicrafts have demonstrated the originality, creativity, and elegance of Iranian art and civilization. All kinds of Persian handicrafts are a world full of art, attractive colors, imaginative traditional designs, and originality. Every viewer is fascinated by their beauty.


CyrusCrafts; Handicrafts online store with international shipping

Introducing and selling handicrafts worldwide, we launched CyrusCrafts online store in 2018, offering a wide variety of handicrafts in six sections, 60 categories, and thousands of products in one place.

Based on years of experience in various art fields and digital marketing, the CyrusCrafts team aims to provide a quick and easy online shopping experience for handicraft products, especially in North America and Canada, for all lovers and enthusiasts of authentic Eastern culture and art.

Notably, the team of Damatajhiz specialized group under Mr. Majid Zavvarian’s management has designed and implemented the international website and digital marketing of the CyrusCrafts brand.

Various departments of CyrusCrafts include

Carpets and Rugs

Carpets and rugs are among the magnificent Iranian handicrafts and are very popular worldwide. At CyrusCrafts, various sizes, designs, and colors offer a wide range of traditional and modern floorings, including rugs, silk carpets, area rugs, handwoven rugs, vintage carpets, etc.

Art Gallery

Those interested in painting, oil paintings, abstracts, wall arts, home accessories, wall carpets, Persian miniature paintings, and so on, can also visit CyrusCrafts Art Gallery section and order them easily.


In the handicrafts section of CyrusCrafts online store, you can buy Persian handicrafts such as inlaid decorative items, woodcarvings, etching, enameling(minakari), engraving, turquoise inlaid, Termeh tablecloths, decorative plates, chess and backgammon sets, and so on.

Persian Accessory

The Accessories section of CyrusCrafts online store includes all kinds of rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, scarves, bags, and traditional clothes.

Interior Design items

In this section, CyrusCrafts offers chandeliers, table lamps, floorlamps, handmade modern and traditional sofas, etc., to those interested in artistic and original collections.

Tasty Souvenirs

In this section, you can easily order the most delicious Iranian souvenirs such as pistachios, caviar, Gaz candy, saffron, Iranian rice, date fruits, raw honey, and dried fruits; and have them delivered to your door.

Advantages of buying from CyrusCrafts online store

The most important priority of CyrusCrafts’ international online store is to satisfy customers by providing the best services. Online shopping from this online store brings many benefits for users, including the following:

  • Introducing product features to customers and guide to buying the best option
  • Safe and secure payment gateways
  • Has discounted products
  • safe and fast delivery


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