February 9, 2023
Is web development nearing a dead end

Is web development nearing a dead end?

With the rise in usage of smartphones and the development of progressive web apps, there comes a question: “Is web development nearing a dead end?”

Everyone has their own answers to this question. The real answer is that web development is not nearing a dead end but is rather evolving.

The question about the web nearing a dead end is distraught. Yet, everyone has their reasons to ask this question. One of the reasons of this question is that getting a website made has now become really affordable. Templates like WordPress and Wix are in the market which makes website making easy for those who are not well versed in web development. There is also a wide presence of off-the-shelf solutions for eCommerce stores that have helped people kick off their online businesses in the push of a button.

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Customised solutions aren’t hard to find now, and they are offered at affordable prices too. Such has made web development an area where succeeding can become really difficult. The phenomena of learning to code in today’s digital gig economy suggests that web development may not be every developer’s cup of tea.

Web development is becoming easier

When people say that web development is nearing its death, it is because there is a presence of competitors who are doing web development work for a fraction of the price which the market charges. Some charge more but are not only well versed but also are well reputed in the market.

Some are of the belief that modern day templates such as WordPress, Wix and Shopify have made is easy for web developers to develop websites. These templates do not require the aid of a professional website developer at times, which makes it easy for the layman to design his website in a minute with minimal aid.

Web templates have lowered the entry barriers in the market of website design and development. Experienced website developers are in a bit of a mix about the future, but they also need to guide clients in this regard.

Most clients would boast about making websites on their own without any hesitation. But, when they commit an error, they then hesitate in reporting that error and feel shy in approaching development professionals.

Are modern web templates harming web development?

Templates are not harming web development. They have somewhat changed the landscape of the profession. There are both opportunities and challenges for everyone in the field of web development, and the recent changes in the field require everyone working in this field to adapt to the new reality.

Developers need to have a unique skill set.

There is a wide scope in full-stack development. Full stack-developers know the wide array of techniques, technologies and tools. If they are to differentiate themselves, they need to know machine learning, the know how of mobile databases and also, Blockchain.

The part of web development where ‘web’ is present; that part is neither dying nor is it meeting a dead end. To an extent, it has become omnipresent. However, its rarefied element has become quite common and needs developers to be really unique when demonstrating and utilising web development skills they have.

Where does web design stand?

Web development is not at a dead end, but web design is becoming important. Making a website requires an internet connection, enough confidence, good standards and quality skills. A professional who truly understands the value of good web design will have a higher value. Web developers need to learn the web design, so they do not fade away in the market. They need to understand UI & UX at all costs, so they are noticeable and differentiated.

Over to You – What do you think?

Its not like that web design agencies are going out of business – they are still present. They are also giving individuals, businesses and corporations much more value than what they offered a few years ago. It is no doubt true that things have changed now. Web development is not at a dead end but has rather evolved into a discipline and a field which is now differentiated and unique.

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