March 24, 2023
Learn music at an advanced age

Learn music at an advanced age

You may be wondering if it is possible to learn music at an older age. And how possible it is for a person over 35-40 to be able to learn music. In learning music at an older age, in addition to one’s interest, one should also pay attention to whether one is able to learn music or not. “It is true that learning with an adult brain is difficult in any field, but it is possible,” scientists have concluded by researching the adult brain. And it can be memorized by repetition and practice.

Some people believe that if the brain matures, it can no longer be changed, which is why middle-aged people can not remember everything as they did in childhood and adolescence, or begin to learn in different areas. But now some middle-aged people who have pursued their interests have proven that learning in middle age is also possible.

Learning music at an older age versus learning music in childhood
It is very natural and normal that a person can learn better in his childhood or it is better to say that a person learns faster in childhood and remembers it easily. Because his brain is not yet mature and has a greater ability to learn at a young age. Learning music at an older age is naturally more difficult than learning music in childhood and adolescence. Because the baby’s brain is more prepared. And new cells are produced in the brain of children, but in the brain of adults, cells that were formed in childhood work. And the new cell is more flexible. That’s why learning music at an older age is more difficult.

Therefore, when learning music in old age, middle-aged people should not be expected to learn everything quickly and comprehensively like children. Rather, they should be given hope and the spirit of learning through patience and repetition. Because middle-aged people can start learning at any age and they should not be blamed or opposed to learning. They need to spend more time, but in the end they can get the music. But learning music at an older age has advantages over learning music as a child, one of which is a better understanding of the music we are dealing with.


Adult goals of learning music at an older age

When it comes to learning a discipline, children and their parents often aim to build a brighter future. But what are the goals of adults learning music at an older age?

Going to a childhood interest: Some adults could not pursue their interest in learning music because of lack of facilities or disagreement with others and other goals. For this reason, they went to other jobs and neglected their interest. But in adulthood, when they have the facilities and time, they want to learn music at an older age.

Listening to a favorite piece: Some people fall in love with a piece of music and like to play it or something similar. Like people who memorize their favorite music and sing with it. They are so impressed with the music that they want to learn it. And that’s why one goes to learn music at an older age.

Loving a special instrument: Most adults who are interested in music also like an instrument and listen to it, and it is so enjoyable for them that they want to play it themselves. And for this reason, they are moving towards learning music at an older age.

Working in the field of music: Some people, due to their advanced age, still have good hopes, morale and self-confidence and want to pursue their interests and work in the same field. Some adults turn to learning music at an older age to work in the music industry and turn their interest into a job. There are many good and famous musicians who have started learning music at an old age.

Is it impossible to become a professional in music at an advanced age?

It must be said that nothing is impossible if there is effort, perseverance and will and interest follows it. So learning music at an older age is not impossible but very possible. Adults can easily enter the field of music and succeed. And if they are eager, they can even become masters.



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