March 24, 2023
Some good ways to utilize Snapchat for business

Some good ways to utilize Snapchat for business

Social media is a dominating force today when it comes to business strategy and marketing. Shoppers today have often made purchases based on recommendations from social media.

Combining this with the number of active social media users these days and the time people spend on average, engaging with social media content; it then explains clearly how important social media is. Businesses need to focus their attention on social media if they want a digital presence.

Businesses engagement and social media platforms sometimes on different platforms can look easy. However, it is entirely impossible to ignore the magnitude of social and digital media’s effects on today’s lives and society. Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are essential to life today.

Other social networks present can also offer businesses plenty of benefits, if included in the social media marketing plans. Among those networks is none other than Snapchat.

Using Snapchat for business – Here’s how its done

Snapchat is a viable competitor to today’s social media giant. It has a strong following among youth and has a large base of young users. 78% of internet users between 18 and 24 years of age are using Snapchat. In 2018, it was the preferred social media platform among 45% of teenaged users.

Snapchat has around more than 200 million active users daily and 54% of its users log into it daily. This in fact is an important audience not worth ignoring. Even top-notch digital agencies (including an SEO company from Montreal) agree on the fact that Snapchat can be used for businesses and here is how it can be done with zeal:

  • Delivering to audiences, access to live content

Live media marketing is an interesting tool when it comes to digital advertising. This gives the target audience a unique way of engaging with their favorite brands and celebrities. Providing users & viewers alike access to live content helps brands break down walls between themselves and their audiences.

Businesses can show live experiences that are one of a kind. Among them are a product launch, a relevant event etc. This original look at key events is like a brand’s exclusive content and this helps build a more personal relationship with customers.

  • Utilizing Snapchat insights for access to valuable marketing insights

In most marketing activities with social media marketing in particular, understanding the target audience is key. They are the ones interested in the brand. Anyone valuing or benefitting from what the brand offers should never be ignored.

Determining the qualities the audience has in common with the brand is key to customizing content. This then helps the brand in delivering the most valuable social experience. This information can be used in creating content that creates interaction, raises interest, is captivating and encourages further action from the audience.

Each tool helps brands & businesses alike learn more about their audience and also give them a full understanding of what they are looking for in order who to target and how to do so.

Snapchat has an in-built analytics tool known as Snapchat insights. This gives businesses and brands the viewer count based on time frame and viewer information (age, gender and location). It also gives them key metrics on types of engagement, times, frequency, screenshot count and others; showing how often people want to save content.

  • Giving the audience a feeling of relevance

Snapchat’s content exists for 24 hours only. The content and stories posted on it is basically the current incidence that is happening. It is obviously seen by the audience.

Following a particular account on Snapchat gives its users the privilege in looking at the current content posted on it, what the brand/business/celebrity is doing or at the very least show them what they want to see.

The content on that handle is created based on the audience’s interest and attention. This type of immediate content is truly rewarding and also feels much more personal.

In fact, Snapchat has become a good way to make money online for influencers.

  • Utilizing emojis, captions and frames

Presentation is a key part of Snapchat. The customization and design features in it offer a unique and creative blaze to the content on it. Other than that, the wide array of frames can change a picture’s vibe in order to fit the business goals associated with content.

Emojis and pinned video emojis following a moving target are a good way of making video content fun and engaging.

Another feature snapchat has is audio manipulation. Its audio filters distort and alter the audio present in a content. This can be used in humorous and interesting ways for generating interest and helping the content stand out from the rest.


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