March 24, 2023
Top 3 Current and Upcoming Trends Related to Web and Mobile Design

Top 3 Current and Upcoming Trends Related to Web and Mobile Design

For every business nowadays, having a website is not a matter of choice but a necessity. Companies around the world looking to sell their products and services need to have a strong online presence so that they can attract their prospective customers. With Virtually everyone using the internet and other online financial services, buying and selling online or any type of transaction is a norm.

Unlike just a few years ago, when a website has a good design was considered enough to get visitors on your website, it is now the channel through which companies can get their message across and start a long relationship with their customers. Surely, it is not as easy as coming up with a good website that is designed exactly according to the featured product can be a headache.

There are specific trends that businesses need to keep in mind so that they can have the contract visitors in hordes. In this blog, I will now try to focus on three of the most popular trends nowadays and describe them to suit any business.

Dark Themes, Anyone? 

If you haven’t seen dark memes in smartphones and handheld devices, I assume that you are not that savvy. Because of the trends, I am talking about is not entirely new and has been used for websites and Smartphones quite some time now. For mobile app development, it is now considered an integral part as the dark theme is one of the most popular and in-use themes by smartphone users worldwide.

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A dark theme is not all about a black or dark background; it is much more than that. But before starting to use the theme in your mobile app, you need to go for a quick survey and can send your target audience preference. While I have mentioned that the dark theme is quite popular, it may not be the case with every mobile app. For example, if you are promoting a financial app related to banks or commodity trading, a dark theme may not be the cup of tea for such users.

If you want to know if big companies have tried this trend or not, you will be glad to know that Amazon, YouTube, Spotify, and Netflix have already jumped on the bandwagon. And are doing very well so that you can also try out this dark theme.

Hamburger Menus

Hamburger menus are in use on both websites for desktop and mobile devices. It is a very convenient way to hide menus that are large enough so that enough space can be freed. These menus offer a decluttered view of an app or a website. But off-late its effectiveness is not what it used to be. There are three main reasons that I would like to discuss with my readers now.

  1. The hamburger menu hides everything behind an Icon, and that is not the best way for a choice related to mobile design.
  2. The end-users of a mobile app for visitors on a website usually now find it very hard to find the information about a product or service from the hamburger menu. This is because you have to go deep down in the menu and sometimes it is not possible for everyone to locate the information he is looking for.
  3. The hamburger menu is usually located on the top left corner of an app or website. This can surely hamper the accessibility option as not every person is able to detect it or use it properly.

It is 2020 now, and the businesses, especially with the help of a website design agency in Bahrain, can certainly come up with the design option that is much better than the hamburger menu. I am sure that some of my readers would argue with this aspect because they either love this menu or find it very easy to use. But let’s admit the fact that change is in nature and we all like to try out different things, and the change in the hamburger menu or its complete exclusion also is a result of our restless nature.

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No Need to Memorize Complex Passwords Now

Right from memorizing lengthy and complex passwords for Gmail or other websites, like our bank account or any website that requires user IDs, it is a very cumbersome process. The need for a password-less web interface has been on the horizon for many years now, and this can become a reality in the not so distant future.

I am sure that some of my readers mainly outright refuse the idea of a password-less website. They must be of the view that without user id and passwords, it will be very difficult for anyone to use a website. And it is not just the privacy issues they will be concerned about as there are many other aspects as well.

But the dawn of password less websites is already here because the work on such websites in the process was started a long time ago. If you think that how this will happen, think of face IDs that a particular set of websites will memorize for you. The use of thumb impression is also one of the options that may be used in the future instead of passwords.

Technology changes very rapidly, and the process I have mentioned above is not something straight out of a sci-fi movie. it is very much in line with what the companies and the end-users look forward to.

Final Word

There are many e other issues that are scenarios that can be associated with web design so that to facilitate the end-user. Businesses need to be on song when it comes to applying search features in your website so that the process of using is easy and not like a burden on some users, who are not that tech-savvy. Other aspects, like using the services of top SEO Dubai services to rank websites high on Google searches, is another way to make sure that you remain one step ahead of your competition.

If you think you can add something valuable to this blog or have any concerns about any of the factors that I have mentioned here, you are more than welcome to speak up. For any type of feedback for this blog too, please use the comments section below.


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