March 24, 2023

What is the difference between pine and cypress?

Most people do not know the difference between pine and cypress at all and consider both as one and call it pine. Cypress and pine are each separate from a family and have different species. it does not matter; Those who work with flowers and plants or those who are educated in agriculture, can easily distinguish between this pine and cypress by a few points.

Pine grooves on the trunk and high height are characteristic of the pine tree. Pine crown that has vertical branches and grows horizontally with separable and long needles. Cut off any of the pine tree branches, whether the tip or the side branch on the tree trunk, will not be replaced in any way. Pine due to very slow growth, if the branch is cut, the cut part will remain bare. As a result, the pine tree should not be pruned or uprooted. If pruning or pruning is done due to growth, the overall shape of the tree will be destroyed and deformed. Conical and large, the main feature of the pine tree fruit. The pine tree crown is a very good place for birds to nest, especially birds such as crows. Pine needles and fruit are shed a lot and in this regard, maintaining and cleaning the place where this tree is planted requires more effort than other trees.

The cypress tree is composed of interconnected, fleshy, small needles. Due to the high ability of the cypress tree to grow and grow, it always has an all-green cover so that this tree is completely green even from head to toe, and if pruning is done on the cypress tree, it can make very beautiful forms of this Brought out the tree. This feature has made the cypress tree very useful in the beauty of the city. As the cedar tree grows older, it will have round fruits that sometimes grow to the size of a walnut. The fruit and leaves of this tree are very small and do not require much effort in terms of cleanliness where the cypress tree is planted.
For example, we mention two species of cypress that are widely planted in cities:
Shiraz cypress: This cypress has a high height and the side branches of this type of cypress grow vertically and cover the whole trunk. By pruning this type of cypress, beautiful forms can be obtained in Eram garden of Shiraz and Laleh and Saei parks. Tehran can be seen in abundance of this type of tree.
Silver cypress: This type of cypress, which due to its ability to live with low water, can be planted in soils of low quality, and therefore in areas such as the heights of Tehran where there is not much water for the tree, also places with poor soil. , Is found in abundance in this type of tree. Like other cedars, this type of cedar grows rapidly and can be pruned to create beautiful shapes.


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